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Halvfabrikat would like to thank
The following persons are on this list to share yet another beer.

Linda (the love of my life; the best support I have ever had and the best support there is; and my everything!); Malle & Hannes, Johan, Hanna, Mara, Anders & Kalle, of Protestera. Micha. Daniel, Simon, Sebben, Erik, of M:40. Tompa, of Aktiv Dödshjälp. Andy, Fred, Tompa, Jerker and Chris, of Totalt Jävla Mörker and Inge, of The (International) Noise Conspiracy.

Victor (of the now defuncted) Besk, Stefan (former member) of Radioskugga. Limpan, of Anatomi-71 and Ulph, of Bulldom.

A special thanks from us to Krogh Blindead Productions, (for constantly helping us out at the productionline. Thanks for you time and effort you're putting into this!) We really appreciate your feedback and thoughts!!!

Chris, Patrik and Pierre Skumdum (indeed I surely had a great time on the Westgotha festival 2004, thanks!), Alex and Fred Skitsystem (for lending us the song for the More world, less bank compilation). Pontus Martyrdöd (for always being there when help is needed!), Kristoffer Evigt Lidande Productions.

Pod Svintask; (for the great work of the sleeves on many of the earlier Halvkass' releases). Joel and Marcus Marcus Nyberg Band. Christian "Rille" Bengtsson Trall-metall magazine (and your constant way of always being "Dressed for Success").

Pontus (Nightwish are probably better than.. oh, lets say... In flames?!), Oskar, of Kongh, Påsen (per definition, lets party in Linköping soon!) and Wendel (for being supportive of this shit!).

Last but not least; all the labels we have cooperation with, all the fanzines and magazines who give us reviews and all who we might have forgotten!

HFR really loves you all!

//Danne, Halvfabrikat Records, 2007-08-29, 01:39.