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Halvfabrikat Store
The Halvfabrikat Store does not have regular opening hours. If you want to come here and visit the store, let us know, we will be open just for you. Mail us, or send a PM on Facebook and we can arrange something.

We have a broad selection of punkrecords and merch for sale. The stock is mostly oriented in crustpunk/d-beat/raw punk/anarcho punk; but we do carry other subgenres of punk as well. We have patches, backpatches, pins, t-shirts and even longsleeves. As for records we do sell CDs, tapes, 12", 10", 7" and other odd vinyl formats.

We try to stock the newest releases as well as keep a stock of older classics.

To get to the store, go to Axvall. In Axvall, turn right at the sign Stenum 7 (just by the petrol station). It is a right turn if you come from Skara and a left turn if you come from Skövde. Go 500 meters appoximatly, then turn right at the sign Ringvägen. Take right into the first parkinglot you will find after the very first hedge. The store is located on your right.

The address is Stenumsvägen 20, Axvall, but the store and parkinglot is actually located on Ringvägen as the store is on the back of the house.

GPS coordinates
If you like GPS coordinates, please refer to the contact page.