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We accept PayPal payments.

Order information

Please read this page before ordering items from the webshop.

Terms of Delivery
The items in stock will be dispatched immediately. Items in stock will be delivered within 5 days, exceptions are orders which are sent within Europe (10 days) and to the rest of the world (up to 14 days).
Items which is sold out will probably not be restocked; but exceptions may be made. Many of our items in the distro are very limited so the availability is finite. On very rare occasions the item has already sold out but it still has a status of being in stock. If so we will contact you if you have not filled in some alternatives in your order. If you have, you will get the first thing you enlisted as long as it is the same format, i.e. a CD will be changed for a CD and so on.

Shipping within Sweden
There are three options (1a, 1b, 1c) when ordering from Halvfabrikat Records within Sweden. From within Europ you can use IBAN (2a), and from any other country you can use the last two (3a and 3b). From within Sweden you can use any of the payment methods below.

1a. C.O.D. (Collect on delivery)
When ordering from us and using the option of C.O.D. (Collect/Cash on delivery) you will be getting your package to your local post office. From them you will get a dispatch note telling you the parcel has arrived. What you do pay for are the virtual cost of the freight, and in addition to that the postal charge for sending it as C.O.D. - which are 90 SEK. If the order does not exceed 2 kg. You can then track your order from this very site via the consignment id.

1b. Prepayment through PlusGiro account
You do pay in advance and when the money does arrive to us we are sending the order out. We are holding the items for you in 14 days, when this period is over (on your invoice, please refer to this as the due date) the items will go back in stock. No exceptions! To make a deposit, please use the PlusGiro account: 13 63 89-4, or the BankGiro account; 278-6309, recipient Halvfabrikat Records.

1b. Prepayment through Swish
You do pay in advance and when the money does arrive to us we are sending the order out. To make the payment, please Swish to account: +46708338226, recipient Halvfabrikat Records.
Shipping within Europe
Ordering from a country within Europe can use the following payment methods. You can calculate the price of which to pay in EUR or USD. From countries within Europe you can use any of the payment methods below.
2a. Prepayment through IBAN account
You pay in advance to the given IBAN account. When the order has been made we will mail you the IBAN account number. The items are held by us for 14 days. If not any payment has been received, we will put the items back in stock. We are fully aware of that an IBAN payment is slow, so we are not that strict on the deadline for this payment method. Although we do look forward for you to mail us when the payment has been made so we do know when we can expect it.
Shipping to the rest of the world
Ordering from anywhere else in the world are possible. Here are the payment method for this. You can change the currency to USD.
3a. Prepayment through Paypal
Paying upfront to our paypal account is possible. We will hold the items for you in 14 days, after this time the items will be put back in stock.
3b. Other payment arrangements
We also accept cash in letter. It's up to you to send it as registered letter or not. We do not take responsibility for lost letters in the mail so please do take that under consideration. Please choose other as payment method if you wish to do this. And please, do not send any coins.

The shipping and any additional cost regarding you order will be automatically calculated upon which region you belong to. You can also calculate the value of the order to EUR or USD.

Regardless of how the payment has been done we do apply the same rules. We do not have any minimum or maximum limit for buying from us, but the postal costs are always a part of the order. That's why it's always cheaper for you as a customer to order much in one occasion than several small orders.
The alternative is obviously to buy together with friends to keep the postal costs at a minimum. However, we only accept on payment per order, i.e. you cannot pay your order in small amounts.

Terms of Shipment
When receiving payment the items on hold will be send out. We will hold all ordered items in 14 days, when the period of time has went by we will put the items back in stock. When a parcel weights under 2 kg it will be sent as letter, when the parcel weights more than 2 kg it will be sent as package meaning extra insurance as it will be send with a consignment id and are therefore able to be tracked in later on.
We always pack the orders as well as possible to avoid damage on the stuff sent. We are constantly searching for new wrapping to ensure this. This is one of the most vital things in our work. If you get damaged stuff regardless of this, file a complaint to your local postal office. We as a company cannot be held responsible for any damage that has been made after the package has left the HFR office.

Terms of Payment
For customers overseas and the rest of the world we accept prepayment through Paypal as well as cash in letter. For customers within Europe we also accept payments through the IBAN account. As for customers within Sweden we do also accept payments through PlusGirot as well as C.O.D. arrangements.
All our prices includes valued added taxes. Shipping and additional postal costs will be added on your total order.
All orders are to be paid as soon as possible. However, you will find a due date on your order confirmation stated the latest date for the payment. This date the payment has to be registred at our account. Orders not paid at due date will be cancelled. It is always nice to hear from you when the order has been paid. This way we can prepare it to be sent when we receive your payment.

Abbreviations used
CD - Fullength CD
MCD - Mini CD (approx 4-7 songs)
CDS - CD single (approx 1-4 songs)
CD-R - Burned CDs

LP - Fullength LP
MLP - Mini LP (approx 4-7 songs)
12 - 12" inch EPs/Maxi single
10 - 10" inches
EP - 7" inches

MC - Cassette
TS - T-shirt
Patch - Cloth patch
Badge - Buttons (one inches)

You can sign up for our Newsletter directly on our homepage. A confirmation of this are sent to your registered e-mail. The sign-up has to be validated by you to make the subscription start. Apart for that we try to keep the homepage as up to date as possible.

The mailorder concentrate on punk; above all crust/kang due to the content of what we release. But we do keep a selection of other type of punk as well. Please ask us if you are trying to get a certain record and we'll see what we can do!

Bonus items added in your order
Generally we try send bonuses with every order. Current flyers, stickers and various promotional material. This material is always limited, so - unfortunately - the luck decide who gets what.
If you do want us to spread the above mentioned material to our customers, send us this and we will.

Browser requirements
Our webshop is developed for Internet Explorer. Failure may occure when using Webshop 2.0 with Netscape, or any other such as Firefox. We know there are experience issues when surfing in to the root directory with Safari. If you want to use the webshop, use the url http;// - that should work.

All these terms has to be accepted in order to place an order at Halvfabrikat. Questions on the prior text can be e-mail to us by