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 INSTIGATORS -  HYPEGOPROMOS 1&2 (CDx2 box) Track list:

1 Intro – Toczek keeps his cool
2 Blind Eye
3 Eye To Eye
4 ’Metal Mayhem’ – Satan suffers
5 Dark And Lonely
6 (You’re Not) Free
7 ‘The Hard Sell’
8 It’s Got To Be Stopped
9 Old Is Sad
10 The Blood Is On Your Hands
11 Intro - In One Ear
12 Dine Upon The Dead
13 ‘Detonator For A Day’
14 Ignorance Is Bliss
15 ‘Back To Berkeley’ with Mad Max
16 The Church Says – Heavy Catholic Discipline Mix
17 Doomsday Plus One
18 The End
19 Cheap, Squat And Ugly
20 Old Is Sad
21 The Blood Is On Your Hands
22 Hedonism
23 Eye To Eye
24 The Sleeper
25 The Church Says
26 You Go Too
27 Full Circle - Hop Version
28 Dine Upon The Dead
29 Hedonism
30 Rules
31 Situation Desperate
32 Culture Shocked
33 Welcome To Casualty
34 Eye To Eye

Item: 4256
Date: 2020-07-21
Catalog No: PROP 003
Format: CDx2 box
Label: Sanctus Propaganda

Price: 100.00 SEK


Welcome to HYPEGOPROMOS 1&2 Back in the 1986 (and again in 1988) we decided to document the Instigators extensive touring and show something of what the band were doing out on the road. The two volumes included here were initially spliced together using two cassette players and, although audio quality may vary slightly, we hope you enjoy the madness of what was going on in our world back then. The original text from those tapes is here intact along with notes to update you on what happened to the people and places involved. A lot of folk we met along the way are just as active as they were over thirty years ago when the Hypegopromos were originally released. Power to them all.
All titles with Instigators
1993 Demo N Live (12" LP)
The Blood Is On Your Hands (12" LP)

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