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 AGATHOCLES -  RAZOR SHARP DAGGERS (2x12" gatefold) Track list:

A1 A Start At Least
A2 Clean The Scene
A3 A For Arrogance
A4 Thy Kingdom Won't Come
A5 Media Creations
A6 All Gone
A7 Swallow Or Choke
A8 Razor Sharp Daggers
A9 Enough
A10 Throwing Away Crap
A11 Cracking Up Solidarity
A12 Lunatic
B1 Didn't Ask
B2 Twisting History
B3 Deserves To Die
B4 Age Of The Mutants
B5 Zero-Ego
B6 Gear-Wheels
B7 Dear Friends
B8 Hormonmob
B9 Hash-Head, Farmers' Death
B10 Dare To Be Aware
B11 Kiss My Ass
B12 All Love Dead
B13 Fearnot
C1 Big One
C2 The Fog
C3 Teachers
C4 The Accident
C5 Mutilated Regurgitator
C6 Consuming Endoderme Pus
C7 Splattered Brains
C8 Christianity Means Tyranny
C9 Squeeze Anton
C10 Introtyl
D1 Wiped From The Surface
D2 Debalance Their Policy
D3 Another Need To Be Fed
D4 Screenfreak
D5 Bring Down Their Throne
D6 Pigs In Blue
D7 I Just Won't Fit
D8 Threshold To Senility

Item: 4119
Date: 2019-08-03
Catalog No: APATHIC 019-1
Format: 2x12" gatefold
Label: Apathic View Productions

Price: 150.00 SEK


Agathocles - the masters of Mincecore.
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