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 YACOPSAE -  GäSTEZIMMER (8" EP) Track list:

A1 Bruder Yacøp
A2 Carmen In Stonhenge
A3 Liebeslied
A4 Strom
A5 Adrenalin
A6 Drill
A7 Borba I Sjaj
A8 Control
A9 Invocation
A10 Fuck Off
A11 Guerra
A12 White Trash/Breed
A13 Wald
A14 Individualität
A15 Filth
A16 Blasphemy Of The Fat Cat

B1 Bahnsteigkarte
B2 Erase D
B3 Der Häutigam
B4 Satan's Sadist
B05 The Against The War Against War
B6 Besteckkasten
B7 Keine Vita, Keine Kunst = Punk
B8 Frank, Emu und Stoffel
B9 Black Campaigne (Shame Political Party)
B10 Was Tun?
B11 Watzmann
B12 Nightmare
B13 War On Deutsch-Punk
B14 Wunden
B15 Era Barbar Modern
B16 Yacøp Usta

Item: 3541
Date: 2016-11-14
Catalog No: PIU 214
Format: 8" EP
Label: Power It Up

Price: 100.00 SEK


Grindcore. The concept of a "Guest room" EP was born, whilst we were hanging around somewhere and joking about how to celebrate the "next" anniversary! Actually, no big deal … Eventually, the band invited a bunch of different people from around the globe to "sing" for them. 15 tracks, each one lasting about 30 seconds, and placed twice (subdivided in two sides: male/ female). All participants had to create own lyrics and to record the vocals by their own. In addition, each person needed to write down a few neutral sentences about the very first encounter with YACØPSÆ, and sending a photo. Basically, the whole idea is not that new or original, though the list of our guests is impressive, so here we go: 01. Julia (BÄD INFLUENCE/ Germany) 02. Katja (VÖLKERMORD/ Germany) 03. Alexandra (CROWSKIN/ Germany) 04. Mareike (UNHOLY HANDJOB/ Germany) 05. Jess (4-LOM/ Canada) 06. Diana (URSUS/ Colombia) 07. Martina (AUNTY PANTY/ Canada) 08. Ami (VÖETSEK/ USA) 09. Athena + Jeff (VÖETSEK + CAPITALIST CASUALTIES/ USA) 10. Melanie (THRASHING PUMPGUNS/ Germany) 11. Sanja (DEPARTURE/ Germany) 12. Leonie (SVFFER/ Germany) 13. Carmen (Not in a band/ Germany) 14. Sabina (HOLY MOSES/ Germany) 15. Peppels (STAHLSCHWESTER/ Germany) 16. Mirko (MONDIAL/ Germany) 17. Dany (DEAD/ Germany) 18. Flupp (CHAOSFRONT/ Germany) 19. Klaus (RAZORS/ Germany) 20. Karl Nagel (KEIN HASS DA/ Germany) 21. Fabian (PELVIC THRUST/ Germany) 22. IRATE ARCHITECT (Complete/ Germany) 23. Kerem + Alper (RADICAL NOISE + LIFELOCK/ Turkey) 24. Damon McCoy (ZABØGART/ Indonesia) 25. Bert und Jens (BIZARRE X/ Germany) 26. Giulio (CRIPPLE BASTARDS/ Italy) 27. Wawan (HOLIDAYXSUCKERS/ Indonesia) 28. Chris Dodge (INFEST/ USA) 29. CORROSIVE (Complete/ Germany) 30. Martin (EA80/ Germany) Additionally, a bunch of 45 kids in the age between 3 and 5 years is singing "Brother Jakob" in five different speeches (German, English, French, Turkish, and Spanish). Think about where we got our name from, eh? Stoffel went to a friend's kindergarten to organize the huge choir of cute and awesome kids, and to record the tracks, exclusively. The stuff will be used as intro, midtro and outro.
All titles with Yacopsae
Fuck Punk Rock.... This Is Turbo Speed Violence (12" LP)

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