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 AGATHOCLES -  OBEY THEIR RULES (CD in jewelcase) Track list:

1 My Eve Of Destruction
2 Blue Blood Dummies
3 Another Grey Brick
4 Obey Their Rules
5 Copyleft
6 Law And Order
7 A Broken Mess
8 Fed Up & Angry
9 Share Welfare
10 Aside
11 Shooting Metal Up The Sky

Bonus - Songs On Video
Video1 Not A Bit
Video2 Big Flat Cages
Video3 Only Friction
Video4 Who Cares
Video5 Tension
Video6 Carved Face Fashion
Video7 Axe The Tax
Video8 Bang Bang
Video9 Hear More
Video10 Until It Bleeds
Video11 Lay Off Me
Video12 Splattered Brains
Video13 A Start At Least
Video14 A For Arrogance
Video15 Christianity Means Tyranny
Video16 Porcelain A
Video17 Religious Fucking Dope
Video18 Matadores Del Libertad
Video19 Chronic Death
Video20 Liberal Cancer
Video21 Well Of Happiness
Video22 Razor Sharp Daggers
Video23 Mutilated Regurgitator
Video24 Necessity
Video25 Arbeit Macht Krank
Video26 Contradiction
Video27 O.S.L.
Video28 Muchas Cervezas En Valparaiso
Video29 A For Arrogance
Video30 Lay Off Me
Video31 Christianity Means Tyranny
Video32 Mutilated Regurgitator
Video33 Porcelain A
Video34 Necessity

Item: 3194
Date: 2014-12-24
Catalog No: Teriak 043
Format: CD in jewelcase
Label: Teriak Records

Price: 80.00 SEK


Most beautiful release in the mid of the year's for you noise lovers a new studio CD (around 25 minutes) It's a Total Raw Dark D-beat Like SVART PARAD, ANTI BOFORS, DNA, DISASTER! +++ plussssss Bonus inside Audio CD : a live video (40 minutes) taken from a show were in Chile in the year 2007. additional bonuses in the form of moving images captured on video files taken from their photo collections and some gigs flyers.
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