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1 –Fatal Nunchaku What A Fantastic Democratie Evidence From Our Dear Government That Using The Scientific Progress To Control And Enslave Our Lives
2 –Fatal Nunchaku We Can't Forget Those Who Give Their Energy And Their Time To End That Atrocious Denegrate Burgess Hobby
3 –Fatal Nunchaku My Definition Of Democratie Has Nothing To Do With The Fact Of Increasing The Difference Between The Poors And The Richs Like Every Single Law You Vomit Seems To Do
4 –Fatal Nunchaku Ska Sux (Tekken Cover)
5 –Fatal Nunchaku Fuck Off And Die
6 –Fatal Nunchaku Move Your Body... But Not On Me!
7 –Fatal Nunchaku We Are Right In The Rock'N'Roll Rebellion
8 –Fatal Nunchaku Vegetarianism Is The Medecine And Refusal Of Life's Exploitation Should Be An Addictive Drug
9 –Fatal Nunchaku Ebay Gave Me A Reason To Live At A Time When All DIY And Non Profit Distros Had Never Need Me So Much
10 –Fatal Nunchaku Go Swich On, Swich On, You'll Perhaps See Your Neighbor On His Toilet On Channel Reality
11 –Fatal Nunchaku Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Everybody
12 –Fatal Nunchaku Yoy Don't Have Your Place In My Fucking World You Piece Of Shit
13 –Fatal Nunchaku I Don't Wanna Be An Emo Kid Because It Is Not Good For My Health
14 –Fatal Nunchaku Faster Pussy Cat, Play, Play
15 –Fatal Nunchaku Some American Mothers Make Me Sick When They Speak About The War Between USA And Iraq
16 –Fatal Nunchaku Glorious Evil Time
17 –Fatal Nunchaku Virus Cannibal
18 –Fatal Nunchaku War
19 –Fatal Nunchaku Thrashard
20 –Fatal Nunchaku Bestial Carnage
21 –Fatal Nunchaku Euronymus Died For His Own Sins
22 –Fatal Nunchaku I Hate
23 –Fatal Nunchaku I Hate Cops
24 –Fatal Nunchaku Anarchy!
25 –Fatal Nunchaku Gage (Noothgrush)

26 –Bob Barker Tired And Miserable
27 –Bob Barker Yawn Me A River
28 –Bob Barker No Love Lost
29 –Bob Barker Cruelty Free
30 –Bob Barker Fuck Hardcore
31 –Bob Barker Fortune Cookie Bullshit
32 –Bob Barker Cut Me Up Again
33 –Bob Barker Tired And Miserable
34 –Bob Barker Fortune Cookie Bullshit
35 –Bob Barker Yawn Me A River
36 –Bob Barker Killing Me
37 –Bob Barker Fucked Up Again
38 –Bob Barker Every Brick
39 –Bob Barker I Wish I Was Aborted
40 –Bob Barker Killing Me
41 –Bob Barker Ignorance
42 –Bob Barker This Void
43 –Bob Barker Spock Rockers Can Eat My Shit
44 –Bob Barker Barker's Beauties / Fucked Up Again
45 –Bob Barker I Hate Life
46 –Bob Barker I Wish I Was Aborted
47 –Bob Barker Pound Your Fist
48 –Bob Barker Do What I Want
49 –Bob Barker 6 Ft. (This Void)
50 –Bob Barker Party
51 –Bob Barker No Love Lost
52 –Bob Barker Cruelty Free
53 –Bob Barker Cut Me Up Again

Item: 3193
Date: 2014-12-24
Catalog No: Teriak 039
Format: CD in jewelcase
Label: Teriak Records

Price: 80.00 SEK


This is special re-press in 2009, double releases (two discog album in one). Fatal Nunchaku fucking fast, powerviolence from France reminds you of charles bronson, xbraniax... fast & short style with 21 old tracks + 4 new unreleased tracks! Bob Barker also a fast, 'no bullshit' hardcore band from the north shore in Massachusetts, USA. They existed in many forms for three years or so. They played a style of hardcore reminiscent of infest, charles bronson or crossed out but with a youthful angst/ passion that most bands can't pull off these Days, and they give you 28 tracks... awesome!

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