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 V/A -  ACEH REVOLUTION (CD in jewelcase) Track list:

01 THE USUAL SUSPECTS: fite demback
02 CONTEMPT: fuck all governments
03 COVER DOSE: warhead (uk subs)
04 SCHNIDER SECT: incendiaru devide
05 THE DECLINE: vociless rightless
06 FIREPIT COLLECTIVE: free the land
07 ANTIBIOTIC: en defaire
08 CHARRED HEARTS: persecute me
09 ULTIMHATE: as you pray
10 SENSA YUMA: hey cop fuck off
11 OI POLLOI: disperse
12 LOW ROLLERS: betrayal
13 SHORT BUS WINDOW LICKERS: fly high hit hard
14 BAD INFLUENCE: neither one of them
15 URBAN ATTACK: it's yours
16 TALK SICK: religion
17 BANANE METALIK: strip or die
18 NO WHITE FLAG: barricades
19 nineleven jumpers: die fuckers
20 HAND OF BLOOD: watch out
21 ATTENTAT SONORE: from chaos to anarchy
22 THE RESTARTS: outsiders
23 GBH: kids get down

Item: 2718
Date: 2012-11-16
Catalog No: SVOB 018
Format: CD in jewelcase
Label: Svoboda Records

Price: 80.00 SEK


Compilation support for the benefit of punks in Aceh, victims of the repression of sharia laws. Amazing compilation!
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