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 M:40 -  DIAGNOS (BLACK VINYL) (12" gatefold) Track list:

Side A
01. Diagnos
02. Livslång väntan
03. Levande död
04. Slut på allt
05. Krossad
06. Väck mig vid slutet
Side B
01. I rännstenens skam
02. Människans slaveri
03. Avfall
04. Verklighetens kalla yta
05. Vi bär på smittan
06. Syndabock

Item: 2716
Date: 2013-03-18
Catalog No: HALVLP070
Format: 12" gatefold
Label: Halvfabrikat Records

Price: 80.00 SEK


New songs from the Lidköping crust/hardcore unit known as M:40. The band started back in 2002 over a totally improvised recording. Their second fullength, Historiens svarta vingslag, was released as CD in 2007 on Halvfabrikat Records. Since then the world has not quite been the same.
A long time, bands such as Disfear, Tragedy and Totalt jävla mörker led the way of crust/punk entirely. As the summer of 2012 approaches, the tables will turn. M:40 are back with their third fullength, titled "Diagnos".
Diagnos does not only gives us the brutal side of Disfear, the raw side of Tragedy, or even the fierce side of Totalt jävla mörker. Diagnos also proves that crustpunk can infact be diverse; in contrary to the before mentioned.
Imagine yourself arriving at the barren no-man's land, with no way back to safety; warmth, love or affection. This is the soundtrack to that exact moment.

Selling points
# Crust/hardcore deriving from Lidköping, Sweden.
# This will be the hardest, fastest, slowest and most brutal M:40 record ever!
# A diverse punk/hardcore hybrid of Tragedy, Disfear, Skitsystem, Breach, Neurosis.

Daniel: guitar/vocals
Sebben: vocals
Simon: drums
Johan: bass

Digital download
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Arvsynd (12" LP)
Arvsynd (CD in book)
Arvsynd (limited; with A3 poster) (CD in book)
Bär mig till bikten (7" EP)
Diagnos (CD in jewelcase)
Diagnos (limited; red transparent vinyl) (12" gatefold)
Där helvetet alltid är nära (Canvas bag)
Dödens bleka häst (10" EP)
Historiens svarta vingslag (CD in jewelcase)
Historiens svarta vingslag (Poster B2, 700x500)
Historiens svarta vingslag Logo (Badge)
Industrilandskap (7" EP)

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