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 V/A -  SLIMEWAVE: GOREGRIND SERIES (CD in jewelcase) Track list:

1 Antigama – I Know You Want Something
2 Antigama – Softer
3 Antigama – Men's Room
4 Bathtub Shitter – World Dune Hole
5 Cripple Bastards – Karma Del Riscatto
6 Cripple Bastards – Implaceabile Verso Il Suo Buio
7 Cripple Bastards – L'uomo Dietro Al Vetro Opaco
8 Cripple Bastards – Sottoposti Aol Taglio
9 Cripple Bastards – Sangue
10 Inhume – Virus
11 Inhume – Moulding The Deformed
12 Japanische Kampfhorspiele* – Der Western Ist Geschockt
13 Japanische Kampfhorspiele* – Das Metalcore Konzert
14 Japanische Kampfhorspiele* – Schöne Neue Küche (Instrumental)
15 Japanische Kampfhorspiele* – Kunstfehler
16 Japanische Kampfhorspiele* – Mann Dreht Mann Durch Fleischwolf
17 Machetazo – Fosa Comum
18 Machetazo – Miasma
19 Machetazo – Catalepsia
20 Mumakil – Cloning The Pope
21 Mumakil – Hide The Jerk
22 Mumakil – Pigs On Fire
23 Rot – Tomorrow Is Not Important
24 Rot – Like A Promise
25 Rot – Pushing The Stone
26 Rot – Dead Man Rising
27 Rot – Fairytales
28 Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition – Mainstream Media
29 Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition – Shackles Of Terrorism
30 Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition – Harmful Customs And Practices
31 Throat Plunger* – Blastin' Nasties On Your Daughter's Young Flat Chest
32 Throat Plunger* – Jacked Up On China White / Steroids While Driving A Bomb Into An Office Building Full Of Children / War Veterans
33 Throat Plunger* – Touched By An Inbred
34 Throat Plunger* – My Dick Secretes Secrets (Jerking Off To Car Accidents)
35 Throat Plunger* – Genre Ruiner
36 Total Fucking Destruction – Necroanarchist
37 Total Fucking Destruction – Hammer Smashed Gore Fan
38 Total Fucking Destruction – Fuck Wound
39 Total Fucking Destruction – Hammer Smashed Acoustic Gore Fan
40 XXX Maniak – Golden Showers: Black Hearts
41 XXX Maniak – Attending The Graduation Of Someone You Fucked 10 Years Ago
42 XXX Maniak – Baby's First Dick
43 XXX Maniak – You're Hurtin', I'm Squirtin'
44 XXX Maniak – Railing Lines At Ground Zero

Item: 2678
Date: 2012-08-01
Catalog No: RR6119-2
Format: CD in jewelcase
Label: Relapse Records

Price: 80.00 SEK


Includes an Obi card and promotional insert from the record label. This is a collection of the "Slimewave" series of split 7" EPs, including some tracks that weren't used on the original vinyl releases.
All titles with V/A
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Gymnasium Violence (7" EP)
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Hjälp snuten - slå dig själv (2nd press) (CD-R in plastic)
Hygget - Världens Största Lilla Fest Compilation 2016 (12" LP)
Hälsningar från Småland (Tape - Pro printed)
Illegal Grinding: An International Grindcore Gathering (CD in jewelcase)
Les Racines Du Chaos (CDx2 box)
Making childrens songs a threat again (12" LP)
More world, less bank part 3: No borders, no banks (7" EP)
More world, less bank part 4: Pockets are filled when the innocent are killed (7" EP)
Nic Wiecej Do Powiedzenia - Tribute to Homomilitia (CDx4 box)
Obscene extreme 2010 (CD in jewelcase)
Obscene extreme 2010 (CD in plastic)
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Obscene extreme 2012 (CD in plastic)
Obscene Extreme 2013 (CD in jewelcase)
Obscene Extreme 2013 (CD in plastic)
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Spalte Brno na prach (12" LP)
Support your Scene - Benefiz fur die L86 (10" EP)
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Things To Do Today (CD in jewelcase)
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Vive le punk 2009 (DVD)
Why Can't We Hate More Part I (CD in jewelcase)

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