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 AGATHOCLES -  MINCE CORE HISTORY 1997-1999 (CD in jewelcase) Track list:

1 Soon
2 Once Again
3 Glass Eyes
4 Twisting History
5 Age Of The Mutants
6 Hippie Cult
7 Media Creations
8 Squeeze Anton
9 Belgiums' Little Cesspool
10 Common Health
11 Denying Identity
12 No Gain Just Pain
13 The Sin I Regret
14 Bastard Breed We Don't Need
15 L'Ardoise Vierge
16 Earth 2500
17 Do All The Sick Experience Healing?
18 Directed By The US
19 Flemish Trash
20 They Stare
21 Democracide
22 Serve My Protest
23 No Ear For You
24 Slaves To The Beat
25 Elderly's Fate
26 Cash Will Do The Job
27 Story Not Untold
28 Fed Up
29 Make Way
30 Starve The Nations
31 Bless The Sinners
32 Gotcha
33 Explore
34 Cattle
35 Sources
36 Domestication
37 2344-The Dark Ages Revived
38 About A Fascist
39 Report
40 Proud To Be Out
41 Snuff Is Not Tough
42 Cold As Ice
43 Thy Kingdom Won't Come
44 Razor Sharp Daggers
45 Reduced To An Object
46 A Start At Least
47 He Cared
48 Media Creations
49 Criminalisation Of Strange Behaviour

Item: 2647
Date: 2012-06-10
Catalog No: SMG 072
Format: CD in jewelcase
Label: Selfmadegod Records

Price: 80.00 SEK


The fifth installment of the amazing Selfmadegod series featuring hard to find songs from long out of print seven inches, "Mince Core History 1997-1999". Includes material from the splits w/ ABORTION, ARCHAGATUS, BLOODSUCKERS, DEPRESSOR, FAHRENHEIT AGX, JAN AG, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER, MALIGNANT TUMOUR, MITTEN SPIDER, MONOLITH, PP7 GAFTZEB and Gotcha" EP. A must have for every fan of Agathocles and fan of good, old fashioned grindcore! -
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