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CD 1:
01. Medical Torture
02. Beer In Brain
03. Hypertrophia Mammae Virginalis
04. Atrophia Cerebri Senilis
05. Retinoblastom
06. Trichomycosis Palmellina
07. Osteodystrophia Fibrosa
08. Nanosomia Hypergenitalis (Instrumental)
09. Chemical And Bacterial Analysis Of Cadaver
10. Putrefaction Decomposition (In The Coffin)
11. Symphonies For Pathologist (Accoustic Instrumental)
12. Parasitical Cysts
13. Bilharziosis Of Urinary Tract
14. Regressive Metamorphosis In The Parenchyma
15. Encephalitis Purulenta
16. Process Of Fermentation
17. Mucormycosis Of Gastrointestinal Tract
18. Acute Rheumatic Fever
19. Situs Viscerum Inversus Totalis
20. Process Of Fermentation
21. Gonorrhoea
22. Intersticium Inflammatio Purulenta
23. Pathological Fracture (live and not tuned in 1996)
24. Disease Of Oral Cavities
25. Fuck Off Nazi Bastards
26. Ingrowing Of The Alien Things In The Body
27. Necrosis
28. Hypermenorrhoea
29. Pathological Fracture
30. Endocarditis Streptococcia Acuta
31. Affection Of Outlet Urinary Ways
32. Lyssa
33. Grind Gut – Wrenching
34. Dysenteria Bacillaris
35. Lymphogranuloma Venerum
36. Chronical Myeloid Leukemia
37. Acute Haemorrhagical Necrosis of Pancreas (live hometown 1997)
38. Epityphlitis
39. Subacute Endocarditis
40. Mors Praenatalis
41. Pemphigus Vulgaris
42. Diphteria
43. Idiopathic Colitis Ulcerosa
44. Embryopathia
45. Intravascular Diseminated Coagulate
46. Waterhouse - Friderichsen Syndrome
47. Herpes Labialis (live Shitfest 1998)

CD 2:
01. Hypocritical Scene
02. Nature Warning/Human Extinction
03. This Filth Stinks
04. Government Shitheads
05. Hope Against The System
06. Mendacious Television
07. Killing For Profit
08. Rock Stars - Money Wars
09. Choice?
10. Films Kills
11. All Around The World
12. We're Missing A Liberty
13. Cartoon Violence
14. Instant Girls
15. Industrial Intelect
16. Animal As A Present
17. Fuck The NATO!!!
18. Grind Core God
19. Bad Core
20. Blast Of Euphory
21. Animal Abuse (live@Brutal Assault 1998)
22. Puke In The Dust
23. Get To Attack
24. Man Made The End
25. Shops Of Cruelty
26. Mc Donaldization
27. Vote For Death
28. Salesman
29. What´s The Fucking Joke
30. Corporations Dominate To Earth
31. Enslavery Begins At Birth
32. Forever Dead (live@Eurodusnie squat 2001)
33. Build Bridges Not Walls
34. Fashion I Like
35. Plastic Existence
36. Up Your Fucking Arse !!!
37. Dawn Of A New Age
38. Nightmare Reality
39. Wounded
40. A Boring Drunken Sod
41. Aalio Ala Lyo Oolio Laikkyy
42. Destroy
43. Paskaa Systema
44. Punk To Punx
45. Wat Je Zegt Dat Ben Je Zelf
46. Stop The Mob
47. Katjusia
48. Up Your Fucking Arse (live@Punk House 2002]
49. No Voices in the Sky (live Motörhead cover 2002)

Item: 2632
Date: 2012-06-09
Catalog No: SMG 067
Format: CDx2 box
Label: Selfmadegod Records

Price: 100.00 SEK


MALIGNANT TUMOUR "And Some Sick Parts Rotting Out There 1992-2002" 2xCD A double disc spanning 96 songs from the early days of the cult band from Czech Republic. From an extremely brutal and most violent, sick pathological goregrind inspired by early CARCASS, DEAD INFECTION, REGURGITATE, SQUASH BOWELS to socially aware mincecore/grind in the vein of AGATHOCLES. "And Some Sick Parts Rotting Out There 1992-2002" includes: two songs from 1992 rehearsal, "Cadaveric Incubator Of Endoparasites" demo 1993, "Symphonies For Pathologist" demo 1994, "Killing For Profit" demo 1997, "Analyse Of Pathological Conceptions" demo 1995, split 7" inches with DECOMPOSED, IMMURED, MASTIC SCUM, INGROWING, AGATHOCLES, UNHOLY GRAVE, 4-way split 7" w/ C.U.M., C.S.S.O., NEGLIGENT COLLATERAL COLLAPSE, split CD's with SQUASH BOWELS and ALIENATION MENTAL ("Equality?!?" 7"EP), "Dawn of a New Age", live recordings from 1995, 1997, 1998, 2003, unreleased live and studio tracks as well as tons of pictures and info on 12-page booklet. This is A MUST HAVE for all fans of pathological goregrind and grindcore from Central Europe! -
All titles with Malignant tumour
Burn in hell (CD in digipack)
Dawn of a new age (12" LP)
Dawn of a new age (CD in digipack)
Earthshaker (12" LP)
The Metallist (12" LP)

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