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Side A - Human error  
01. Robocop Lyrics to this song.
02. Police bastard (Doom)   
03. Constant history Lyrics to this song.
04. Mi a faszt nézel?  
05. Human error Lyrics to this song.
06. Egyenesen a semmibe! Lyrics to this song.
Side B - Livstid  
01. Penga Lyrics to this song.
02. Grovdrift Lyrics to this song.
03. Nikkedukke Lyrics to this song.
04. Feil fokus Lyrics to this song.

Item: 2062
Date: 2010-08-10
Catalog No: HALVEP044
Format: 7" EP
Label: Halvfabrikat Records

Price: 30.00 SEK


So, one might guess at least every hungarian out there has heard HUMAN ERROR. This crust unit, probably most known for their LIFE SENTENCE album, that was out on LP on Profane existence some years back. They are here to show that hungarian crust really does the trick.

Likewise the norwegians has their up-and-coming LIVSTID who just keeps getting better and better! Of course their side of the Split with the swedes in Passiv dödshjälp (HALVEP035) rips your heart out right from the start. If you liked that you will just love the new stuff!
Selling points
# Crust vs. crust! Undoubtfully, One of the best albums of 2010!
# Human error gives a cover of the now classical Doom song “Police bastard”.
# Livstid keeps develop into this massive crust unit where you will find your everyday need for grind, crust and what-not. Really; you do not need any other grind record than this.
# Artwork done by Marko @ Blasting dead!!!
Human error
Gabor - vocals
Dr. slayer - bass/vocals
Csiga - guitar
Kobra - guitar
Mark - drums

Hellkikk - drums
Kristian - vocals
Jack - bass
Oyvind - guitar
Robert - guitar
Digital download
My Last Chapter, [written by Phuling. Distributed by -]
I gotta be honest and say that I can’t remember to ever have heard of Human Error before, which is somewhat surprising since they’ve released an album on Profane Existence (and one usually come across their roster). But this was new to me, and for some reason I didn’t have high hopes for the bunch. I can’t explain my initial aversion, but it didn’t take long before I was hooked. While Robocop is a short outburst of rock n roll-infused fastcore I didn’t feel I had time to fully adjust to their sound before the Doom cover Police bastard took the field. And since you can’t go wrong with such great original material it was of course to my liking. But, when Constant history came into play I had to surrender to the grinding power of Human Error. Thrashy riffing, blasting drumming and hardcore choirs mixed into a base of somewhat basic, yet utterly powerful crust. It’s rough around the edges and with adrenaline oozing from every crack, blasting, screaming and growling… Really energetic and charming, and I dare you not to get sucked into the moshing whirlwind of Human Error.
I think my only other encounter with Livstid was the Halvfabrikat fick oss att göra det comp, where they performed a cover. So this is my first time hearing any original material, and I have to say I’m surprised, and quite pleasantly so. At first I was a little skeptic, finding the vocals slightly annoying. But after getting used to the high-pitch squealing scream, getting into the vocal patterns and lyrical rhythm I actually really got into it, and find the vocals pretty damn fitting to their agenda. To claim it’s pure crust would be a an insult, and I’m constantly discovering new quirks in their sound, flavouring it with both grind and hardcore. Take for instance the sleek and slick melodic guitar line of Grovdrift, which adds a killer touch to the otherwise aggressive tune. Feil fokus feels a bit like the melodic crust of End of All performed by a bunch of rabid grindsters, whereas Nikkedukke is just all-out blasting adrenaline. But nonetheless I think the opening track Penga might still come out on top simply for the wicked sing-along friendly chorus. These Norwegian lads’ side of the platter is simply marvelous, and it makes me long for an EP of their own to get the opportunity to dwell further into their energy-ridden, adrenaline-inducing mangle. Great riffing, excellent variety, gnarly vocals and all-out rage.

Grade: 8/10

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