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 HOTBILD -  I BLINT RASERI (CD-R in plastic) Track list:

1. Svek Lyrics to this song.
2. Dömd Lyrics to this song.
3. Raseri Lyrics to this song.
4. Krossade drömmar Lyrics to this song.
5. Domedag
6. Förvriden verklighet *
7. I dödens vÀntrum * Lyrics to this song.
8. Outro *

Item: 1738
Date: 2007-12-31
Catalog No: KASSCD33
Format: CD-R in plastic
Label: Halvkass Produktion

Price: 20.00 SEK


If you take the music from crustacts like Skitsystem and Aktiv DödshjÀlp, put it in a blender and mix down the lyrics of Personkrets 3:1. Spice it up with early Bathory and Darkthrone, and you will be serving Hotbild.

Initially released as a demo cd-r by Hotbild themselves, this edition do have a three bonus tracks. Here marked as *.

Selling points
# Anxietycrust at it's best!
# Three bonustracks compared to the initial release by the band.
# This is the last material by the now defunct band.

Folkzine, [written by Andreas. Distributed by -]
I've never been that much of a black metal fan. Not sure if it's the constant gargling, or the soporific delay on the vocals that takes my edge off. But the simple fact that I'm struggling to stay awake for even just the first tracks on this seventeen minute long record. Tells me that I'm not all that interested. I just can't find anything appealing about neither the music nor the vocals. It all sounds alike no matter what track I listen to. Although I did find the sample music of Domedag and the Outro interesting... But that's pretty much it.
My last chapter, [written by Kristoffer Persson. Distributed by -]

So, things didn’t go exactly as I had hoped for. As I wrote in my original review of I blint raseri I hoped Hotbild would go on to release some vinyl stuff, and eventually take the step towards a fullength. But instead they split up. Sucks! Big time
 During the years I came to absolutely adore Hotbild. No other crust act has ever come even close to whipping up the same harsh and cold atmosphere, so it’s a big disgrace that people won’t hear more from them. Luckily the Swedish label Halvfabrikat Records have re-released a couple of their demos, and this one with bonus tracks from the I skuggan av livet recording session.
I’m not really sure what new comments I can make on this, I think I’ve said all I possibly can. And it’s like I’m in lost of words to describe their sound. But imagine the power of Skitsystem, the old school crudeness of Darkthrone and the cold, suicidal aura of Shining, maybe even mixed in a tiny dose of industriality, and you have the recipe for Hotbild. Brutal and powerful-as-hell. And this is crustcore, no doubt about it, but riffing and vocal wise it reeks of black metal. The atmosphere is cold and bleak, brought to new freezing dimensions by the negative emotions coming from the lyrics. But let’s not forget the vocals; extremely harsh screams, making a home for itself in your backbone, severing your neck from your spine, shattering your every bone.
It is absolutely top notch and I recommend it to anyone into both crust and metal. But to not just repeat myself, imagine this - LjÄ mixed with Totalselfhatred playing crustcore.
Cow magazine, [written by Ted. Distributed by -]
En gammal release av ett band som lagt ner verksamheten, men jag fick den frÄn Halvfabrikat sÄ det Àr bara att köra!

Som jag direkt gissade sÄ var det nÄn form av crust som gÀllde nÀr jag satte igÄng skivan. D-takt, tuffa gitarrer och vrÄlande sÄng. Intet nytt för mig.

SjÀlva soundet och lÄtuppbyggnaderna fÄr mig att tÀnka pÄ de sista plattorna Anti Cimex slÀppte ifrÄn sig. Inget manglande tokröj utan mer mogen (kan man sÀga sÄ?) rÄpunk som ibland flirtar lite vÀl mycket med death-eller blackmetal. SÄngen Àr oftast mer blackmetal Àn crust.

Lagom roligt, lagom trÄkigt. Hotbild finns som sagt inte mer men varför inte tjacka denna hÀr för 25 spÀnn om du ÀndÄ ska bestÀlla nÄt frÄn Halvfabrikat Records??
Musiklandet, [written by Peter Johansson. Distributed by -]
Kom redan december 2007 sÄ den har ett tag pÄ nacken. I samma stil som Passiv DödshjÀlp. Samma antal lÄtar och klockar nÀstan in pÄ exakt samma lÀngd. Mysigt 37 sekunders outro.
Skrutt, [written by Peter Thorsson. Distributed by -]
As a Asta Kask on speed Hotbild goes along with their music even if the singer doesn®t sound as Bonta or Micke. Over 17 minutes of chaos and where the songs varies from a half minute to four minutes is what we get. I like their aggressive way to do music and really obvious is that Hotbild is a threat(Hot) to other bands in the same style or maybe we shall see them as a compliment to other crustbands in Sweden
Really obvious is one of the better bands in this style but I think that the singer could take it a little bit calmer

Skrutt, [written by Peter Thorsson. Distributed by -]
Som ett Asta Kask pĂ„ speed drar Hotbild igĂ„ng sin musik Ă€ven om sĂ„ngaren inte lĂ„ter sĂ„ lik varken Bonta eller Micke. Över 17 minuter kaos och dĂ€r lĂ„tarna varierar frĂ„n en halvminut till fyra minuter Ă€r vad vi fĂ„r oss till livs. Jag gillar deras aggressiva sĂ€tt att göra musik och helt klart Ă€r Hotbild ett hot mot andra band i genren eller rĂ€ttare sagt man skall vĂ€l se dem som ett komplement till andra kĂ€ngband i Sverige
Helt klart ett av de bĂ€ttre banden i genren tycker jag Ă€ven om sĂ„ngaren kunde ta det lite lugnare, [written by Jimmy Blom. Distributed by -]
More Swe-crust here.. The vocals reminds me a little of BURZUM's crow singing, but better. And the music is pretty heavy, but not that much metal becuse of that. The lyrics seems to be about treachery and judgement day, so there's no happy songs here either. Total agony.
Pretty o.k. stuff!
Backlash, [written by Yxan. Distributed by -]
Halvfabrikat har gjort vad de gjorde med "I Skuggan Av Livet"-demon; efter att bandet sjĂ€lva slĂ€ppt demon sĂ„ ger Halvfabrikat ut den med tvĂ„ bonuslĂ„tar (en extra pĂ„ förra slĂ€ppet) och proffsigare booklet. Hotbild la ner 2007 och har du missat detta pĂ€rlaband sĂ„ har du nu chansen att fixa ditt eget ex av sĂ„vĂ€l denna Ă„ngestsmocka som nyss nĂ€mnda ”I Skuggan Av Livet” genom att lĂ€gga en bestĂ€llning pĂ„ Halvfabrikats hemsida. Hur det lĂ„ter kan du kolla i gamla nummer av Backlash eller pĂ„ vĂ„ran hemsida. Om du inte orkar det sĂ„ kan jag vĂ€l sĂ€ga att Hotbild levererar crust med lite blackfeeling invĂ€vt i paketet. Schysst produktion och duktigt med Ă„ngest. Bra texter och bra ljud. AlltsĂ„ inte ett jĂ€vla nĂ„ge att tveka pĂ„. Köp för fan!

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