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 KOBAYASHI -  NEUANSTRICH (12" gatefold) Track list:

Side A
1. Weiter
2. Flächendeckend mpeg
3. Contradiction
4. Markt
5. Tanzfläche
6. Bruno

Side B
1. Masse
2. La Valla
3. Warum sauft ihr nicht daheim?
4. Abriss als Zeil
5. Worte wecken bilder
6. Henna
7. Kopfkino

Item: 1543
Date: 2007-05-12
Catalog No: ACM 011
Format: 12" gatefold
Label: Acclaim Collective

Price: 40.00 SEK


NOTE: APPROX 3 CM SEAMSPLIT IN UPPER EDGE. This 2nd album of Germany's KOBAYASHI that used Japanese for the band name (it is a popular family name in Japan) is just their best staff as extolled by all DIY punk/hardcore labels which is intimate with them in Germany. They play very outstanding melodic punk/hardcore that is not able to be compared to any band, and all the songs are powerful truly. Although each of the songs are abundant also in variations, there is their consistent color. Intelligent, unique and deep personal-political lyrics are filled with passion for our unknown, and the consideration/dissident's mind for all the lies in this society, although a prospect is not bright. Moreover, it is amazing that the contents of the lyrics and the style of the songs fit exquisiteness. The lyrics are translated into English, Spanish, and Japanese (the Japanese translations were translated by Acclaim. By the way, their lyrics became the factor to which we love them more and more in process in which we translate the lyrics into Japanese. It mean the connection of more than music for us). Laura of Disface participates by guest vocals (on "La valla"). LP is gatefold sleeve, and CD is digipack (There are plus 20 pages booklet). Personally, the artwork which feels familiarity is also expressing Kobayashi of this very well. This is a super record!
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