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 SAMURAI OVERDRIVE -  AV ALLT INUTI... (CD-R in plastic) Track list:

1. Ner på knä, blicken mot marken Lyrics to this song.
2. Rätten att välja Lyrics to this song.
3. Rikeman Lyrics to this song.
4. Vardagsanpassad Lyrics to this song.
5. Hegira Lyrics to this song.
6. Inte fan är du mänsklig Lyrics to this song.
7. Rasar Lyrics to this song.

Item: 1459
Date: 2006-08-31
Catalog No: KASSCD30
Format: CD-R in plastic
Label: Halvkass Produktion

Price: 20.00 SEK


Samurai Overdrive are a fairly new act from Kristinehamn, Sweden. The music can best be described as a mix of punk, hardcore and metal. The demo consists of seven songs; of which six are in Swedish and one in English.
My Last Chapter, [written by Kristoffer Persson. Distributed by -]
Well this was a nice surprise. I know Samurai Overdrive has some members in common with Anatomi-71, and I was under the assumption that this would be a quite soft punkish hardcore demo. And as I said before; this was a nice surprise. It’s much rawer than I thought it would be, and it actually gets me thinking of my younger punk days. It feels a bit like taking Snifter and Kontrovers and mixing it a bit with some rockier stuff as well as some semi-metal á la Neurosis and moody hardcore á la Tragedy. And the end result really reminds me of Apologia. I know that was a lot of name dropping, but if you find that annoying then tough luck! Strangely enough there’s also a couple of parts that gets me thinking of Coca Carola, but that might just be delirious imagination. Anyway, Av allt inuti has a lot of diverse influences, but it’s still concentrated on crust/hardcore and it shows a lot of potential.
Doomsday Magazine, [written by Andreas. Distributed by -]
Ja så värst mycket råpunk låter ju Samurai Overdrive inte (vilket jag hade fått för mig innan jag hörde den här demon) om man räknar bort trummorna och till viss del sången. Som vanligt när det gäller band från Kristinehamn så är det influerat av hur många band som helst från hur många genrer som helst. I grund och botten är det väl en punkgryta men när kidsen varit framme och slängt i postrock, death, thrash, emo (ja sån där frillmusik) så smakar det inte längre som en punkgryta utan som en uppdaterad punkgryta. Resultatet är väl ganska lyckat för även om det är extremt melodiskt och ”krångligt” så är det fortfarande en rejäl dos med hardcoremangel som jag blir utsatt för. Materialet är relativt jämt men det är ett par låtar som låter är klart sämre (tidigt material antar jag). Hur som helst är detta en bra debut demo, även om jag önskar att sången var lite mer varierad, den kan bli lite enahanda stundtals. Det blir nog bra ordning framöver… Nån form av hardcore rör det sig om som sagt...
ATTACK!fanzine, [written by Krogh. Distributed by -]
Samurai Overdrive does, just as Anatomi-71, come from Kristinehamn, Sweden, and I think the bands share at least some members? Same members or not, I think they are somewhat similar sounding, with the only exception that Samurai have toned down the råpunk approach compared to Anatomi-71 and are instead promoting the metallic riffs a bit more. Still, this is far from metal and you who want it to be hard, core, and punk need not to worry.

Samurai Overdose combine classic Swedish käng with noisy hardcore topped off with howling desperate vocals, which in fact makes it sound quite far from käng - but the influences are there and shine through every now and then.

I like this CD, but in the long run vocal style can be a bit too reminiscent of screamo and that brings the total down a bit. When the music on here is good it's well above average though, and that's where I think I wanna place my impression of this CD as whole as well - above average.
Folkzine, [written by Andreas. Distributed by -]
With a band name possibly from a Birdflesh song and a front cover that took me by surprise, I was more than intrigued when I listened to this record from the fairly new band Samurai Overdrive from Kristinehamn/Karlstad. The band's musical style is some what a concoction of several different music-genres, the band themselves describe their sound as a mixture of punk, hardcore/screamo and metal. And this is something you tend to see more and more nowadays, that bands mix up different styles to get a unique sound, and it’s no easy task I tell you. My first reflection over what I heard was that I couldn't really match up the music and the front cover. Personally I think it's great that this music wise hard "mangel" band dares to put out this in today’s skulls/weapons/blood and destruction themed era. They're good musicians, the trade off vocals are very well implemented, and there is no question about whether they've got some serious willpower and passion for their music. You can tell that they've got loads of ideas and things they want to mediate, but it feels as if all these things get clogged up in a messy output. After listening to this record now a couple of days I've come to the conclusion that it is a grower, and I'll keep my eyes and ears idle for new material by this band because they've got some serious potential.

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