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 V/A -  MORE WORLD, LESS BANK (7" EP) Track list:

Side A  
01. Crossing Chaos - Tooth by tooth
02. Cluster Bomb Unit - Power  
03. Uncle Charles - Passiviserade Slavar Lyrics to this song.
04. Murder Disco X - Pro Life  
Side B  
01. Human Waste - Mitt liv = ett rent helvete  
02. Coma - Total Förödelse  
03. Lim - Gasad  
04. Skitsystem - Materialisterna

Item: 1224
Date: 2003-07-07
Catalog No: HALVEP008
Format: 7" EP
Label: Halvfabrikat Records

Price: 60.00 SEK


Have you ever wondered if there are a thing as the perfect compilation? Well, look no further. This compilation has it all; unreleased songs, great bands and great artwork! We dare to say that this is one of the best compilation seven inches ever made!
Selling points
# The definitive compilation!
# This 7" compilation EP do contain unreleased material with the acts participation. In other words, you will not find the songs elsewhere!
# Limited to 1030 copies.
Crossing Chaos
Cluster Bomb Unit
Uncle Charles
Murder Disco X
Human Waste
Digital download
Backlash, [written by Svahn. Distributed by -]
Två styck svenska DIY-stugor har gjort gemensam sak och kör ut en fin liten samling på en vinylsjua. Närmare bestämt är det Halvfabrikat och Blindead som är i farten. Bra jobbat! Banden som trängs på plattan är inte fy skam. Till de mer kända hör HUMAN WASTE, CLUSTER BOMB UNIT, SKITSYSTEM och CROSSING CHAOS. Sen får man även stifta bekantskap med UNCLE CHARLES, MURDER DISCO X, COMA och LIM. Det mesta på plattan är bra bidrag , Human Waste och, kanske inte helt oväntat, Skitsystem har enligt mig starkast låtar. Det är bara att skaffa skivan, vässa stiftet och hälla upp en mugg körsbärsvin (Solbacken) och luta sig tillbaka i soffan och njuta.
Slug & Lettuce, [written by . Distributed by -]
A really good comp with bands from Germany, Sweden and Japan with a few strong stand out names to get you not able to pass this up. The newer bands hold their own on this as well making for a solid compilation of heavy punk. Skitsystem, Cluster Bomb Unit, Muder Disco X, Human Waste, Crossing Chaos, Uncle Charles, Coma and Lim. All unreleased songs. I´m super into Crossing Chaos who I´ve never heard before. If you dig the heavy international punk - you know you want this.
Trash and Burn/Deadletter, [written by . Distributed by -]
This a pretty darn good looking compilation in its set-up; theres good bands, the layout is great and the print job and overall productions gives me the impression there's some effort behind this release. However Crossing Chaos opening this lot are really mediocre and dull and I dont really give much attention to their track. Cluster Bomb Unit are a familiar name to me from many 7"s back in late 90's and looks like they've got a new female vocalist who brings an extra twist to their classic style d-beat track. In all it's brutal simplicity CBU sounds pretty good. Simple but effective and points to the shortest lyrics in a while. A band named Uncle Charles wouldn't normally draw my attention at all, and once their track opens - what a suprise! The guitar sound is so classic swedish deathmetal and the crawling rhythm just adds to the image. Unfortunately they speed up into a basic d-beat track which doesn't sound that special at all. I would have been into the slow shit all the way. Murder Disco X end the A-side with a very simple two chord fast punk rock track. This is pretty much like a Resist remake of the 2000. Very cliched lyrics and music - intentionally perhaps? Side B is like an swedish death match. Human Waste are old timers of crusty hardcore and they have a revamped lo-fi death metal sound combined to slow d-beat drumming. It's very simple but the metallic guitar work is a bonus. Coma used to play more metallic and almost death metal type stuff but this track is far more in the thrash section with their fellow band Lim, both quite alike. The disc ends with a blowing track by Skitsystem who once again show how the heavy disbeat shit is done. Droning guitars and underlying heaviness with harsh vocals. This is quite a compilation as a whole although some of the bands are a bit of a let down.
Skrutt, [written by Peter Thorsson. Distributed by -]
Crossing Chaos is first out on this record and it´s a big start with their killing punkrock. German Cluster Bomb Unit don´t impress on me. Uncle Charles have a very angry singer and Murder Disco X plays really fast. I think the B-side is better with the swedish singing bands and HUman waste is feeling like they´re apart from other band s with their song with talking boy/girl. Coma plays to unorganized for me and Skitsystem is really raw here amd Lim also. A really big hardcorerecord, or crystcore I should maybe say.
Skrutt, [written by Peter Thorsson. Distributed by -]
Crossing Chaos är först ut på denna skiva och det börjar lovande med deras dräpande punkrock. Tyska Cluster Bomb Unit imponerar inte så mycket. Uncle Charles har en väldigt arg sångare.Murder Disco X spelar fort utav bara den. Jag tycker nog att baksidan är bättre med bara svensksjungande band. Human Waste skiljer sig lite med den pratande pojken/flickan de har med. Coma spelar lite för oorganiserat för at det skall vara riktigt bra. Skitsystem är riktigt råa här och Lim likaså. En riktigt rejäl hardcoreplatta, eller kängplatta kanske man skall säga.
My Last Chapter, [written by Kristoffer Persson. Distributed by -]
If I were to be completely honest about this one I would have to say that I was a little disappointed. It is some killer bands and only exclusives, which is great, but none of the bands shows their full potential. The Crossing Chaos song is really good, but still not as ball-crushing as they normally are. The Cluster Bomb Unit was a little boring, Uncle Charles were pretty cool, though. I had never before heard Murder Disco X, and I definitely dislike the vocals. Never been a too big of a fan of Human Waste, and they sound just like they always do. Coma’s too much Motörhead for my taste. The song from Lim was ok. And then it comes to Skitsystem, a song that was supposed to be on their latest full length, “Enkel resa till rännstenen”, but was excluded for some reason. But no! Not as cool as they usually are. Oh crap. Now it sounds like I really hate this comp, I do not hate this. This is a very good compilation, and as I said it’s all exclusive material, me like! All of the bands are either an ok band, or a great band, just that the songs aren’t their best. I know that I haven’t described either band here. But I didn’t think that mattered too much this time, it’s all crust of some kind. Old-time raw crust the Swedish 80ies way, raging fast and heavy crust, hardrock-inspired crust, and so on… They’re all pretty much crustcore of some sort. Both Danne from Halvfabrikat and Krogh from Blindead are friends of mine, and it feels like all I’ve done so far is criticising their work, sorry mates! Hehe. But now for some compliments. The artwork is really, really cool. I’m not just saying that to patch up their broken hearts after all my criticism, it looks pretty amazing! And they’ve done a great job getting cool bands to team up, just maybe not my own personal favourites. But if you like crust, this is a record for you. Just the fact that it’s two of Sweden’s best and coolest DIY-labels putting their heads together to release this record should make you drool over this.
Close up Magazine, [written by Christoffer Jonsson. Distributed by -]
Lider du av svår crustallergi lär den här sjuan placera dig på dödsbädden. Sju akter, sex från Sverige plus två från Tyskland, gör gemensam sak i träskljudets tecken. För det är snarare de kassa produktionerna, inte musiken, som är den röda tråden. Vissa grupper skiner igenom plastkasse-över-skallen-soundet och lyckas faktiskt visa att det finns häftiga låtar bakom väggen. Krylbos Crossing Chaos har jag aldrig hört bättre, Coma från Finnspång briljerar som vanligt och tyska veteranerna Cluster Bomb Units ”Power” sitter som smäck. Murder Disco X, med mångsysslande utvandraren Kelly Halliburton (Severed Head Of State, Cluster Bomb Unit plus cirka tusen band till) i ledet, är mer amerikansk än germansk och vinner därmed några bonuspoäng. På den alldagliga fronten har vi Östersunds Human Waste och rikskända göteborgarna Skitsystem, som båda medverkar med riktigt trista låtar. Comas sidoprojekt Lim kängar på utan nämnvärd effekt, och Uncle Charles, även de från Östersund, är snudd på olyssningsbart när bandet tar grissången till fruktansvärda nya nivåer. Fortsätter svineriet kommer bara hundar att höra crustsången i framtiden., [written by . Distributed by -]
Here's a hardcore/punk compilation of mostly Swedish bands that has a politically charged heading and offers up eight tracks of fairly consistent material as far as quality goes. Crossing Chaos (Sweden) kicks out some great hardcore/punk with a nice sense of melody, it's not upbeat or anything, but it's definitely memorable and borderline catchy - even with the burly vocal screams. There's a ton of energy and I like the solos and lead lines. In some areas this definitely reminds me of some older UK acts. Cluster Bomb Unit (Germany) drops an extremely brief track of heavy and in your face hardcore with lots of feedback and intense female vocals. There are only three quick lines of lyrics, but they still leave their mark. Uncle Charles (Sweden) is musically heavy as fuck, sounding incredibly similar to "Those Who Fear Tomorrow" era Integrity, but with absolutely scathing high-pitched vocal screams, and some slightly speedier hardcore/crust influences as well as some deeper vocal shouts at times. Excellent. Murder Disco X (Germany) plays fast, no frills hardcore with a good mix of tempos and straight yelling vocals, and as a simple title like "Pro Life Nazi Scum" might suggest, they're taking a lot of influences from the classics here. Human Waste unloads another of their raw tracks of Swedish hardcore/punk with a really dry, gritty tone and forceful vocals, not to mention a subtle dissonance that definitely adds to the song. Coma (Sweden) has the most rugged recording, so it's pretty hard to make out their song, but their style isn't so unlike that of Human Waste, but with a slightly more brooding approach that is highly distorted on all fronts. Lim (I'm guessing from Sweden), also suffers from a raw sound that's a bit bottom-heavy and lets the vocals dominate. In fact, I barely hear the guitars at all. but judging from the tempo and the general vibe they too sound not unlike Human Waste or Coma. The mighty Skitsystem closes out with an unreleased track from their last LP, but I must say, this song fucking rages, and it's better than a lot of the tracks from said release. Crushing metallic Swedish crust with Tomas Lindberg's token vocals. great work! The layout is nice as well. The outer sleeve is full color and displays come collaged images dealing with money, power, and poverty; and inside everything is high contrast black and white, devoting a quarter-page to each band for artwork/lyrics, etc. Most of the bands omit lyrics so I'm not sure what all of the tracks deal with, but those who do include the lyrics attack fascism, consumerism, etc. It's nothing new, but at least there's a message. This is a killer 7", though. And I'm very pleased that two of my favorite bands on the compilation are bands that I had never even heard of before, so that's always a plus!

Running time - 15:00 (approximately), Tracks: 8.
[Notable bands: Crossing Chaos, Uncle Charles, Skitsystem]
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