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Contact us
Here are the adress to Halvfabrikat headquarters. Drop us a line! If you want to send your demo to us, use this regular adress further down on the page.

By e-mail

Halvfabrikat Records
To contact us, use the e-mail address below.
Primary e-mail: Used for general questions and correspondens. Orders and questions regarding all this should be sent here.
Secondary e-mail: Although the use of this mail adress, it is not checked on daily basis. Used for distribution/consignment purposes.
Halvfabrikat Records HQ (use this as mailing address)
Halvfabrikat Records
Brittgården 356
S-543 37 Tibro
Halvfabrikat Records store (open by arrangement only)
Halvfabrikat Store
Stenumsvägen 20
S-532 72 Axvall

GPS coordinates to the store
By DG:  
Longitude 13.575114900000016
Latitude 58.3849909
By GMS:  
Longitud N 13*34'30.413
Latitude E 58*23'5.967
By other digital networks and social media