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About us

Halvfabrikat Records
Why do anyone start a label? Are there any altruistic thoughts behind the decisions made that ends up in starting an own label or are there only self centered ones? Are you as a person, new started band or new started label into getting alot of money through your work, you will most likely be disappointed on the outcome. There are no money in this; so why does anyone even start to begin with? Why did Halvfabrikat label start back in 1999 and still goes on doing this? What is the strive today?

The label
Halvfabrikat Records are a recordlabel established back in 1999. We primary release records; on both digital media such as CD and digitally, but also as analogue media, such as vinyl. There are no thing better than the other. Some music is better suited for one format, some are suitable for both. We will not argue which ones are the best. Secondary we do merchandise for the bands and ourselves such as patches, badges, t-shirts, etc.

The technical
The label, once started only at that, Halvfabrikat Records is nowadays like an umbrella. Under the label there are the other functions.
* First there are the Halvfabrikat Mailorder, which deal with your order online.
* Besides that we have the Halvfabrikat Music Publishing, which is where we accommodate songs released on the label. However, not all songs are published here, only a small fraction of all songs released are actually registered.
* Alongside of the music publishing business we have yet another function as where we place the material released on Halvfabrikat available online. Primarily we use Spotify for this but the material find its way worldwide through a number of digital download services.
* The newest part of the umbrella, and most likely the last leg, there are the Halvfabrikat Store. You most likely got in touch with this part of the company if you bought anything from us when we were on tour with a band in our stable, which do happen on occation. We try to get on the road at least once a year.

The ethics
We work in the ethics and the true spirit of Do it together, D.I.T., as we believe working closely to each other creates inspiration and a more profound meaning to all parties. The profound idea is keeping a united scene; free from oppression of any kind.

We do believe that releasing records is not a end in itself. We want to use the music as a weapon in order to create an alternative society. Infact, no one is truely free until everyone is free. This goes to all; humans and animals alike.

The profits
We do not release records to make any profit, but to spread [revolutionary] ideas. All possible profit goes directly into the production line again, to make new records or other investments, such as merchandise: t-shirts, patches, badges and stickers, etc.

We do defend the right to think for yourself through the music. All music in itself should be complex to listen to. This means that you should always ask yourself how and why the lyrics concern you; in your school, on your work or in your everyday situation. Why should you concern yourself with revolutionary ideas? Emma Goldman once said, if you can't dance to it, it's not your revolution. To reflect upon this is the first step in the social change, towards an alternative society and an alternative world. The truth is that another world is, infact, possible. The utopia should not just stay as an utopia, the utopia should be proclaimed as action. The action must lead to a reaction, and that should be made possible through the ideas of D.I.T.

The prices
We do and we want to continue selling our records cheap in order to spread the ideas thereon. The revolutionary thoughts are more important to us than anything else. Hopefully there will be more who buy the records so we, in the end, can 1) break even on every release, 2) make more revolutionary records.

However, the truth is that the record as a format, wheather it is the vinyl, the tape or the CD, has started digging it's own grave. Whilst some proclaim the different, this is a true fact. This makes us all as mailorders dying as well. The physical disc is taking it's last grasps of [fresh?] air, but we will not sit this one out. Halvfabrikat will not stop doing what we love for years to come, regardless of those who doubt.

Do you want to help us out in the strive to do more releases? Place an order. Large or small doesn't really matter. All help is welcome.